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Hair Zapp -Die Hairstyle Community

A premium subscription of Hair Zapp gives you all features for a professional usage in a hairdresser's salon.


without premium with premium
Target audience private users Hairdressers, style advisors, etc.
No advertisements
Number of hairstyles 700 1089
Simulation from 3 perspectives
Half profile perspective
Portrait perspective
Profile perspective
Filter hairstyles
Number of projects (1) unlimited
Hairstyle flat rate
Preffered position in Hair Zapp Network
Hairdressers close-by
Upload to community
Price free from 21 € / month

Link: Hair Zapp Network

All premium subscribers of Hair Zapp participate in our advertisment and promotion network Hair Zapp Network and can promote their salon to our private end customers:

  • At the right time: all Hair Zapp users are interested in a new hairstyle, obviously. So, the question for the right (new) hairdresser is close.
  • At the right place: the GPS data of the user device let our apps know where he or she is. Thus, we only recommended hairdresser's close-by.